Poll Workers

What do election workers across the nation have to say?

EARC and Verified Voting Foundation launched a nationwide survey open to all individuals who worked on the November 4, 2008 Election. See the results here; we have responses from over 1000 local election officials, election managers, voting equipment specialists and poll workers. You can still take the survey - the url is 'http//www.verifiedvoting.org/survey.' If you want to report on an election experience since November 4, 2008, please just indicate that somewhere on the survey.

What do California poll workers have to say?

The Why, How, What and When of Precinct Boards: Reactions from the Front Lines - A Survey of California Poll Workers in the Primary Election of 2006

EARC's report on a survey of over 15,000 poll workers during the 2006 Primary Election and recommendations to counties for improving poll worker programs

A Survey of California Poll Workers in the General Election of 2006

Report on survey of over 3,000 poll workers and state-level policy recommendations for improving poll worker programs

More papers on EARC's 2006 surveys:
From Locomotive to Bullet Train: Street-level Implementation of E-Voting
The Front Lines of Democracy: Who Staffs Polling Places and Does it Matter?
Explaining Voting System Performance: Do Technology, Training, and Poll Worker Characteristics Matter?
Poll Workers and Their Motivation to Serve

Poll Worker Survey Bank

Become a Poll Worker in California

General Information

Attn: UC Berkeley Students

Poll Worker Guidelines

CA Secretary of State's Poll Worker Training Standards 2010

CA Secretary of State's Poll Worker Training Guidelines 2006

EAC Quick Start Management Guide - Poll Workers

EAC Poll Worker Successful Practices

Poll Workers and Cultural Sensitivity - What Poll Workers Should Know

Poll Workers Guide to Communication with Voters with Disabilities

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers - Voting Information

Disability Rights California - Publications on Voting Rights

Secretary of State: Voters with Disabilities

ADA Checklist for Polling Places

US Election Assistance Commission Accessibility Resources:


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