October 2012

October 31

Solano County boosts voter registration, exceeds 2008

Election concerns at a glance

October 30

Santa Rosa: Mail-In Voters Urged To Cast Ballots Early

October 29

Public invited to watch opening of ballots

October 27

Voting procedures called safe

October 26

Santa Cruz County Clerk's office gears up for election

October 25

Vote-by-mail Ballots Require One 45-cent Stamp

Majority of new Yolo County voters registered online

October 24

Early voting options expanded

California voter registration website draws 1 million users

October 23

Write-In Option On San Diego Ballot A Mistake

Fresno County plans Election Day ballot drive-throughs

October 22

San Diego’s Election Ballot Translated For Growing Chinese Community

A record number of voters this year

Ventura County elections office stays busy with last-minute voter registrations

October 21

Yolo County Elections Office receives over 5,000 vote-by-mail ballots during first week

October 20

Tuesday deadline for write-in candidates

Solano County Elections Division open late Monday for voter registration

Poll workers needed to serve for election

October 19

S.J. registrar encouraged, surprised by recent swell in young county voters

Monday last day to register

Mail-in ballots require more stamps. County will pick up tab for underpaid postage

October 18

New mobile app allows voters to check voting status and procedure

Red, white and very blue as site shuts

October 17

Santa Cruz County elections officials discover 4,500 vote-by-mail ballots delayed at San Jose post office

Ballot errors found

544,000 Online Voter Applications in Calif. Program's 1st Month.

Handful of La Jolla voters have been without a polling place for 10 years.

October 16

State hotline provides inaccurate voter registration deadline.

Registration to vote ends on Oct. 22

Votes tossed, results reversed in LA-area election

October 15

Online Voter Sign-Ups Prove Hit: Sonoma County Registrar Attributes Jump In Numbers To Ease Of Web Access

Rush To Register In Mendocino, Lake Counties

D.A. Gascón, Department of Elections Announce Creation of Elections Fraud Hotline

Voting officials say counting ballots sooner could clear up confusion in ranked-choice voting

October 14

Voting Information

San Francisco to release preliminary ranked-choice votes on election night

October 13

Registrar of voters is preparing for and testing for upcoming election

Calif. online voter registration proves popular

Poll workers needed to serve for election

October 12

Sign up to vote online

Registrar of Voters announces vote-by-mail ballot processing, accuracy test

Mail-in ballots available from registrar of voters

November 2012 Election Guide

Dixon residents to receive revised ballots

October 11

Galt sample ballots incomplete; new booklets to be sent via mail

Early voting begins

Young voters lead surge in online registration

New residents, those who underwent changes may need to re-register to vote

Mailing back that weighty ballot will cost 65 cents

October 10

Another View: All ballots counted, other election news

Ballots in the mail for Tehama County residents

Alameda County voters must request mail-in ballot by Oct. 30

The All-Important Mail-In Ballot

October 9

State Simplifies Absentee Voting for Overseas Military

Fresno County Gearing Up for the Election

Voting Begins In Presidential Election

Early voting begins in San Bernardino County

Vote smart before Election Day; Registrar of Voters tells how to avoid mistakes on vote-by-mail ballots

Few early voters seen at Tulare County Elections Office

October 8

Election workers starting to fear downtown Stockton

State Bucks Trend On Voting - California Makes It Easier To Participate -- Not Harder

Early Voting Begins Today - With First Ballots Being Sent Out, Officials Expect The New 'Top Two' System Will Cause Some Confusion

October 7

Voter registration deadline is Oct. 22

October 6

Mail ballots on the way

October 5

Election season in full swing, voters to get sample ballots, voter guides

Voting starts Monday at Marin Civic Center for Nov. 6 election

Early voting for election will begin on Monday

Napa County invites the public to observe election process

Voter registration down from 2008

October 4

Incomplete sample ballots sent to some Santa Paula area voters

Chino Hills council decides to save some money by holding all-mail election to fill vacancy

Prepping Ballot Boxes for Election Day

Online voter signups fuel record at LA County Registrar

Vote-counting open to public

October 3

Online registration boosts voter rolls sharply, officials say

Online voter registration hugely popular

More Than 200,000 Use Online Voter Registration in First 2 Weeks

Voter fraud complaints in Riverside County probed

Solano County officials expect high voter turnout in November

October 2

CAMPAIGN 2012 - November ballot chock-full - VOTING BY MAIL? BRING IT IN OR USE TWO 45-CENT STAMPS

Longtime election workers commended

October 1

Political Blotter: About 110,000 Californians did online voter registration in first week

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