June 2012

June 30, 2012

Judge delays numbering of California ballot measures.

In Marysville, America gets a large group of new citizens

Gridley election count shows that bond has passed

June 28, 2012

Napa's Final Certified Results of the June 5 Presidential Primary Election are in

June 27, 2012

Victorville Democrat sues over California's 'top two' primary

Term-limit group challenges council

June 26, 2012

Asian American groups monitor nearly 200 poll sites in four CA counties

June 25, 2012

Olague is the swing vote on voting system repeal

June 24, 2012

Battle over term limits continues

June 23, 2012

Lawmakers scramble to solve state's 'big 3' issues

Solano County grand jury: Registrar of Voters office lacking

June 21, 2012

Election 's final results are counted

County releases final election tallies; registrar says voter turnout 'pretty disappointing'

Giuliani win upheld in judge’s race

A High Cost for Imperial County Special Election

June 20, 2012

Election-day voter registration advances in California Legislature

Voting-day registration gets OK - State Senate committee passes bill

Primary cliffhanger as vote count goes on

State Cigarette Tax Trails By Thin Margin - Latest Count Has Measure Behind By 17,500 Votes

Measure M ballots mailed 10 days late by Registrar’s office

Vang case draws state attention - Election fraud complaints taken up.

Council preserves polling places

Lungren defends GOP voter drive. His Fall Opponent Seeks State Probe of Registration Card Irregularities

June 19, 2012

Sacramento County Closer to Final Vote Totals.

Vote tally on Rialto water rates begins

The polls are losing to voting by mail - ELECTION 2012 - More county voters went to mailboxes than to booths in the June 5 primary

June 18, 2012

California County Clerks Working Last/Next Elections

Final primary vote count confirms record-low turnout for SF

Marin supervisors laud county elections chief and staff

DOJ officials monitored county polling places

June 16, 2012

REGION: Riverside County officials laud faster vote count

June 15, 2012

2012 ELECTIONS: Vote-by-mail requests hit record

In Mail Ballot Era, Learning to Wait on Results

Fraud allegations, eviction threats color Vernon elections

About a quarter of Butte County ballots still to be counted

10,750 ballots still to count in Napa county

June 14, 2012

Ballot count nears finish

SF Revives Push To Ditch Ranked Choice Voting

June 13, 2012

Compton rejects latest vote-by-mail proposal

Solano County still counting ballots

North state elections officials miss deadline for sending overseas, military ballots. Training part of federal lawsuit deal

June 12, 2012

Election results tallied, but still more votes to be counted; voter turnout low in Humboldt County, statewide

Remaining ballots halfway counted

New Information In San Luis Obispo County Voter Fraud Investigation

June 11, 2012

Uncounted ballots will settle elections. 5,478 absentee votes turned in on Election Day

Q&A - Lively November voting likely after a 'quiet' primary

June 9, 2012

Votes in the bag mean Fresno Co. races are not

Ballots left to be counted in local elections

June 8, 2012

County Website Attacked On Election Night Ballot counting not affected, but access to voting results limited

Registrar of voters works on certifying primary results; manual tally planned June 14.

Elections Office Begins Canvass

Fraud allegations mar Vernon election

Ballots left to count in June 5, 2012 presidential primary election

Napa Registrar of Voters estimates 7,000-plus ballots not yet counted

Lights go out on election night in Colusa

June 7, 2012

Elections officials: Get used to uncounted votes

Workers counting 14K outstanding ballots

More details gleaned in voter card investigation

ELECTION TRENDS - More choose vote-by-mail -- but drop off ballots at last minute

Firewall to Blame for County Registrar of Voters' Website Outage on Election Night

Election-Night Vote Numbers Off: County Website Totals Left Some Campaigns Hoping In Vain For More Votes

Registrar announces public manual tally

San Jose library ballot measure hits major roadblock

Behind the scenes as Butte County's vote is tallied

Poll worker upset about being sent home during election

Clerk asks canvass board to hand count ballots in tight supervisor’s race

Election Results Update: Many Ballots Countywide Still Need Counting. Results in races that concern Benicia are not likely to change.

June 6, 2012

About 85,000 ballots still uncounted in Santa Clara County

Still more than 6,600 votes to count

When will we know election results?

Final Butte County election results will be days away

As Californians embrace vote-by-mail, number of unprocessed ballots swamp election offices

Semi-official tallies show low presidential primary turnout in Butte County

Registrar looks to cut voter confusion come November election

Redistricted precincts cause some voter confusion

Big changes didn't draw voters to polls

Confusion unrelated to 'top 2' system on listless primary day

Run-Off Elections Could Cost Tens Of Thousands Dollars

No Major Snags In Voting Around The County Turnout expected to be at 40% most votes cast by mail

Cerritos Resident Takes Down Voting Booths, For Good. 

Taxpayers Paying For Polls That Were Barely Used

Elections Chief Calls Turnout 'Dismal'

County Registrar Saw ‘Tremendous’ Amount Of Fake Write-In Votes Yesterday

Record low turnouts reported in Marin and statewide for Tuesday's primary election

Election night goes smoothly for Riverside County Registrar

June 5, 2012

Elections Manager: 'We Count Every Vote.' David Tom put to rest the rumor that California election officials don't count paper ballots.

Election Day draws small crowd, civic lesson for Westlake kindergartners

Election turnout low, but incident free

2012 ELECTIONS: No Riverside County voting problems reported

Voting went smoothly in county. Glitch in county website caused problems in posting results

San Diego Registrar of Voters Says Glitch Brought Down Results Website

No glitches for California's new top-two system of voting

'Top Two' election poses some confusion

Poll Workers Brave 16-Hour Shifts, Low Pay. About 2,350 precinct officers—from students to retirees—helped Sacramento County voters Tuesday.

California Judicial Branch offers judges after business hours

Balancing Act For Ballots - High-tech scanner helps officials count votes from election correctly

By the numbers

East Bay voters hit the polls to decide state, local races

Napa County voters may be confused about ballot layout in U.S. Senate contest

Local election results could be days away

Ross council vote count set for Wednesday

Santa Clara County Receives One Quarter of Mail-In Ballots.

Oroville voter turnout is slow but steady

Low turnout for election, despite redrawn lines

Low Voter Turnout Expected: Absentee Ballots Coming In At Below Average Rate; Lack Of 'Compelling Issues' Cited

Today's The Day To Cast Ballot, Shift State - Votes Are Being Made Under California's New 'Top Two' System

Fresno Co. elections chief is ready - Federal officials will be watching polls.

Don't forget to vote today

Election Day sees changes - Polls open at 7 a.m.

June 4, 2012

Law Allows New Citizens To Register To Vote On Election Day

Justice Department to watch Riverside County for Voting Rights Act violations

Feds to monitor Calif elections for discrimination

Late Voter Registrations Could Have an Affect on Election

Riverside County on the Justice Department's watch list for voter discrimination

Marin polling places open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday

Absentee Ballots Trickling In, Suggesting Low Turnout

More than 25,000 have already voted by mail

County implements drive-throughs for voters.

Hayward clerk's office extends hours for election

A Flurry of Activity on Eve of Santa Barbara County Primary Election

Imperial County Registrar Office preps for Elections

Humboldt residents to decide future leaders Tuesday; voters to cast ballots for supervisor candidates

New Registrar Ready - Veteran Elections Chief Has Instituted Changes To Avoid Repeating Past Gaffes

Message was erroneous

Election official: Outstanding mail ballots may hurt Solano County turnout hopes

New rules, new districts mark Tuesday’s election - Open primary creates voter free-for-all

June 3, 2012

Santa Rosa: Elections Officials Hope For More Ballots

Riverside County hopes for bilingual help at polls

Santa Clara County's new elections chief prepared for first major election

OC poll workers go digital

Primary election Tuesday will have some new twists

June 2, 2012

Much preparation goes into Tuesday's vote

Record Number Of Mail Ballots Issued

Public invited to observe all phases of Presidential Primary election in Napa County

Mendocino County registrar predicts low turnout Tuesday

Contra Costa voter turnout predicted to be 'anemic' set to make tax and candidate decisions Tuesday

Lower turnout expected for Tuesday's first open primary election

Tuesday's state primary election all about changes

New primary system, new districts reshape Tuesday's election

June 1, 2012

Voter can expect new primary rule, precinct

Tuesday's the day to cast your vote

Fire at polling location won’t stop voting 

Riverside Spared From State's Ballot Deadline Bungle

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