May 2009

May 29

Registrar says voter woes limited in city race

Beverly Hills residents allege voter fraud

Bill aids troops abroad with mail-in voting - BALLOTS: Legislation by Assemblywoman Lowenthal still needs approval from Senate

May 27

Financial impact of special election not known

Will state pay the estimated $70 million special election tag it promised counties?

May 26

Court Remands $875,000 Fee Award in Voting Machine Case

May 25

In Ongoing LA 5th District Ballot Count, More Problems Arise

May 21

Sierra County (where everyone votes by mail) is serious about elections. Unofficial results from Tuesday show that 53.6% of registered voters cast ballots, nearly double the statewide figure.

Riverside County voting wins praise from group

May 20

Simulation hampers voting plans in San Dimas

May 19

Bee hive causes stir at Orange County polling station


Pace sluggish at local polls

Low local voter turnout expected

May 18

Santa Cruz County Saving Some Cash With Special Election

May 17

Low turnout could put mail voters in majority

May 16

Marin registrar expects light turnout for special election

May 14

May 19 turnout may be record low

May 8

Special election ballots available until May 12

May 7

All-mail balloting proposed - Bill would allow county to conduct 3 test elections

May 6

Yolo eyed for all-mail voting test

May 5

Ballots mailed out Monday for Riverside City Council election

May 2

Solano County to test voting machines Tuesday

May 1

Time's running out to register for special election

May 19 vote count should be decade’s most reliable

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