February 2009

February 27

Voters almost got left out of Tuesday's Alamo incorporation vote

Board members push for new election years // SAN BERNARDINO: They say holding them in even years amid larger races takes focus away from local candidates.

February 24

Voters may hold keys to millions

February 22


State considers decertifying election software

February 21

Next test of state budget deal rests with voters

The Buzz

February 20

What's on May ballot

February 19

Santa Barbara case threatens voting rights

Republican lawmaker extracts open primary out of budget accord

February 18

Dems signal willingness to cut deal on open primaries

Counting the votes

February 14

Secretary of state to hold hearing

February 13

State, county election officials differ on reimbursement from machine vendors

February 10

Pappas Loses Ground Court Grants Farr’s Motion to Have ‘Technical Mistakes’ Excluded

February 9

D.A. to look for voter fraud

What ever happened to ... - Report: Registrar completes hand count of e-ballots Feb. 2

REDUNDANT TALLYING // State mandate ratchets up costs, imperils early voting

February 8

Judge to hear 3rd District challenge

Case threatens voting rights

February 7

Election rule changes could save money, city clerk says

February 6

Special election could be all by mail County clerk says rumors are ‘swirling’ that the governor will call for a vote on the state budget

Election advisory committee lacks transparency

February 4

County clerks brace for an enigmatic election

February 2

Pappas Lays Out Voter Fraud Case Daily Nexus Reviews Alleged Technical Errors

Proponents continue unification lawsuit - They dispute ruling that opened Measure U voting to entire district

Voting by mail begins in 3 school races

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