March 2008

March 31

Why elections run out of ballots

March 29

Going the extra mile for voters

March 27

Ballot proposals are pricey - steep expense has council wavering on wish list for election

March 24

Why county vote machines went awry - Bad calibration and ballots in too dark a hue get the blame

March 21

County Clerk's Column

March 20

County invites voters to tell party leanings

March 19

Going behind bars for votes

March 18

Primary vote set state record - More than 9 million lured to polls for February balloting

Richard Gonzales to Speak on California Electoral System

March 15

Primary brought out 55.6 percent of registered voters

Ballot measures labeled N through Q

March 14

Election reports can tell secrets // PRIVACY: When turnout is low, it's not hard to tell who voted how. Riverside County tries to prevent it

County registrar overbilled on voting 91 jurisdictions paid $427,000 too much

March 13

In some S.B. County precincts, who voted how is not hard to know

Four take advantage of election extension - Candidates throw hats in for Porterville Council, Tulare supervisor seats

Vote-fraud hearing debates photo IDs

March 12

Supervisors discuss spending $5 million on voting machines

Election workload rises as voters wait to decide

Over 900 provisional ballots cast in primary

March 9


March 8

June primary may fail to draw many state voters


March 7

Why right ballots were in wrong place - registrar cites unexpected tide of 'crossovers'

March 6

The 'double bubble' lesson

March 5

June ballot will be nail-biter

March 4

Primary drew record number of local voters

County candidates slow to file for June primary

Council likely to set recall // COLTON: It will probably join issues being decided during the June 3 state primary voting

March 3

Election officials make it count

Election officials draw criticism

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