February 2008

February 28

Prof. pushes verifiable voting system

February 27

L.A. to count most votes by independents - election: `double-bubble' ballots caused controversy

'Two bubble' votes could help Obama

February 26

Official: Some LA County ballots will get counted

Votes will not be counted

February 25

Spring ballots seek approval for tax hikes

February 24

Ex-rent official pleads no contest

Bad time voting? Go easy on volunteers; Poor info not poll workers' fault; Poll worker blunders not their fault

February 23

Mail-in special election nixed

State official says few delays resulted from ballot decision: Super Tuesday tally was on time despite some shifts to paper ballots, Secretary of State says

February 22

Military Update: Interest in ‘08 election high among military voters

February 20

Council seeks tally of disputed votes

Still tallying votes

February 18

CAMPAIGN '08: PRIMARY STRATEGIES; Flaw on ballot went unheeded for 6 years

February 16

Defect in paper ballots slowing election count

Tallying unaccounted ballots still a problem

February 14

Valley's turnout falls shy of projection

Officials still counting ballots

February 13

April date set for special election to fill Lantos' seat

L.A. to try tallying ballots left out

SAN FRANCISCO - Supervisors OK settlement with former vendor. City Hall gets a peek at new voting machines

Too many mail-in votes going uncounted

Ballots set to be counted

'Double Bubble' trouble goes on

California in Brief / LOS ANGELES COUNTY; count ballots, supervisors say

February 12

Local districts fare best in vote counting turmoil

Board of Supervisors orders vote count

Flawed 'bubble' ballots won't count, L.A. County's elections chief says

About 50,000 votes can't be tallied

Many votes won't count in L.A. County; about 49,500 primary nonpartisan ballots were cast incorrectly. The total is too small to affect the results

February 11

County to delve into ballots

Primary voters feel the sting of rejection; Many L.A. County nonpartisans are angry over a ballot quirk that invalidates their presidential picks

February 10

One election down, two to go - Usually state has no more than two in a year, so this cycle tests voters, workers

February 9

Did one voter's ballot count? It's too early to say

Design of nonpartisan ballot, vote recount come under fire

All about Marin: County election chief illustrates that every vote counts

February 8

Election recap: significant votes left to count

Pressure on to resolve L.A. ballot controversy

Paper ballots cause headaches, delay local election returns

February 7

Area voter turnout tops expectations

Obama leads locally, but lots of ballots left - Super Tuesday in Slo County officials should finish counting the 14,000 absentee ballots by next week, they say

Local election turnout, results differ from state's

Denial of GOP ballots tops poll problems. Hundreds complain to election officials party promises probe

New trends plague polls - Absentee deluge, crossover voters add to glitches

'Sea of pink' facing registrar

Tehama County Turnout a county low

Primary rules trip up decline-to-state voters // ELECTION : A number say ballots were denied them because of errors they or poll workers had made

Determined voter makes hospital her polling place

County still counting absentee ballots

Glitches in system slowed vote count

Registration issues thwart voters

Two men, two boys held in election heist

With eye on June, counties look for ballot fixes

Returns: confusion over ballot design may affect candidates' final delegate counts

Mix-up may have left voters out in cold - Mapping services provide wrong directions to polling place

Few Kern glitches reported

County survives primary despite mishaps

Nonpartisans' ballots to be checked; Confusion over filling in bubble leaves many votes uncounted

February 6

Local results trickle in...

Big number of absentees here

Goofs, new rules stymie voters

Some voters demand 'do-overs'

Democrat ballots in short supply - number of 'decline to state' voters surprises officials

Independent voters voice ballot complaints; Some poll workers unclear on rules

Huge turnout brings confusion - Ballot shortages and parites' rules frustrate voters

Mail-ins set trend in Solano

Final results may not arrive until Thursday

ELECTION 2008 // INLAND REGION // It's their party - isn't it? // POLLS: Officials promise to investigate as some voters say registrations were wrongly switched

Ridge youths help out at the polls

Rossmoor voting machines nearly decertified

Ballot counting will be watched into wee hours

Voting is smooth but sparse in Lodi

SB County last to count votes

Thin or thick, votes will be counted

Poll workers, voters find additionial enthusiasm

Alameda County precincts run out of Democratic ballots

SUPER TUESDAY: AT THE POLLS; Few glitches except for independents; Decline-to-state voters cite problems in getting Democratic presidential ballots. Some polls run out.

THE TURNOUT: The crush of voters in many parts of California results in long lines at polls - and maybe a record

Paper ballots easy in Glenn County

February 5

California Primary-Voting: high number of mail-in ballots raises concern of late vote tally

Super Tuesday voters find machine hiccups and delays, but in most states, voting goes smoothly

A Super Tuesday voting primer

SLO County

Elections running smoothly so far

County uses planes to retrieve far-flung ballots

Siskiyou man charged with voter fraud

High demand for democratic ballots sparks worries of shortages

Chinese students see democracy in action

State's voting surge. Forecast: Record turnout will mean long wait for results

Tabulation process to delay results - registrar staff expects to work through night

Turnout may set primary record - tight races, early election energize California's voters

Some mail voters face buyer's remorse

Polling places open until 8; on ballot are primaries, propositions

Busy day at the polls

Expect 'historic' voter turnout

County voter turnout expected to be heavy

Vivacious voters head to polls

Polls are open...and so are the races - Expect a heavy turnout ... and late returns

Valley campaign volunteers call, wave, woo

Village voters cast ballots

Lining up at the polls

February 4

Vote tally may take a while

ELECTION 2008 - Preparation can streamline voting

Decision time nears

About 50% expected to vote in SB county

Super Tuesday info; What you need to know to vote in Lodi

'Super' may also apply to Tuesday's turnout

Who are Sonoma County's voters?

Voting trends taking shape

Pass the salt, please, and how're you doin' with that ballot?

Are you in?

Find polling place before Super Tuesday

County totals could be delayed

Key Voting Info

PRIMARY: the use of paper rather than ATM-style machines means a long night

February 3

Impressive turnout is expected

Paper ballots expected to yield slower election results

Need to know more? We've got it covered (voting in Los Angeles County)

February 2

Registrars face new challenges for state's primary - Record number of absentee ballots among complications

Ex-county clerk lists system faults, job rigors

February 1

Registrar irons out election difficulties - Right setting eliminates ballots ' bent edges

Super Tuesday timing, size to complicate vote

Ballot deadline quickly approaches

Ability to vote at nursing homes in question

Officials Predict Record Voting: 72% Turnout Projected, Based On Large Influx Of Mail-In Ballots

County Sees No Big Delay In Local Vote - Primary: Slowdowns Still Expected By Mail-In, Provisional Ballots

I.V. ready for high turnout

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