April 2008

April 29

High court lets states force voters to present photo ID

Justices rule on voter ID - High court refuses to strike state's law

Most county voters are not required to show their IDs

April 28

Few soldiers can vote by e-mail

April 27

Bowen: Paper ballots will remain at polls

April 26

Nonpartisan voting rules change in June

April 25

Cassette Recording of State Voter Information Guide Released

April 24

Pick up Easy Voter Guides now

April 20

Ballot box protection // Trust the county registrar's office to deliver accurate election returns

Voter information available before deadline on May 19

Bilingual poll workers wanted

April 17

Public can eye vote machine tests

April 16

Supervisors nix purchase of e-voting gear

Weed man sentenced for voting fraud charges

April 15

Concerns over Carmel election

April 14

Dismal' turnout in San Mateo County prompts new calls for vote-by-mail

April 12

Final tally confirms incumbents

April 10

City-run vote hailed as success // RANCHO MIRAGE: Council incumbents claim victory as a private firm runs the "experimental" election

Sierra Madre election results to be finalized next week

April 8

Vote today: Sonoma, Petaluma voters go to polls four times in 2008

Officials: Voter group's report misleading

Voting in Sonoma Valley, Petaluma

April 6

Strict security protects L.B. ballots - ELECTIONS : GPS tracking, documented vote counts are used to ensure accuracy

April 5

Schools as vote sites raise safety concerns // JURUPA UNIFIED: Trustees will consider whether to keep allowing facilities to be used as polling places

Voter registration law isn't working well here - California public assistance offices are signing up few new voters; what gives?

April 3

Bill aims to improve absentee ballot delivery

County reaches out to nonpartisan voters

April 1

Voter complaints under investigation Disenfranchisement issues raised over DMV processing

County's voting machines good for now

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