October 2007

October 31

Letter confuses some Tri-City voters

October 30

Grubbs: Nixing e-vote will cost county

Voting rules rile area officials

October 28

Absentee ballots trickling in

October 26

Absentee ballots trickling in slowly

Absentee balloting

October 25

Taxpayers to pay $73K for changes

October 24

Next election could cost county $400,000

Community group works to increase voter participation

Registration requirements for voter ID

November 6 election

Sabatino sues Modesto over voter education

October 23

County may spend $2M more on vote

October 21

County elections become more costly and more complicated

October 20

Registrar of Voters opens satellite office in Vallejo

October 19

Nov. 6 vote to offer practice for primary

Election deadlines looming

Growing political force: absentees

No discounting on 'big box' ballot

October 18

DoJ Officials To Speak on Election Administration and Voting Rights

County voting machines out: Back to paper and pencil

Sample ballot pamphlets mailed out

County Election Chief on hot seat

Palm Springs Approves Election Worker Pilot Program

Concerns voiced over mail ballot in recall drive

October 17

Heads up - Election coming November 6

October 16

Supreme Court denies review of state law favoring minority voices

County benches 104 uncertified voting machines

Deadline to register to vote is Monday

Vote machine not approved, state says

Vote machine sale probed

October 13

County to lend out its voting machines

October 12

Register to vote now or never for Nov. 6 election

Sample Ballots Headed To A Mailbox Near You

Solano to learn status of 160 voting machines

Judge rejects legal challenge to flood fee election

October 11

Voter trends explored

Council seeks solution to $83K ballot overrun

Governor signs signature stamp act

Governor turns down right-to-vote bills

October 10

Supervisors approve new election board

County sees big rise in absentee voters

October 9

County Tests Vote Scanners, Touchscreen Ballots

Absenteeism: 'It's not your father's election'

Problems in the poll booth

October 7

Bill to protect the identities of voters signed

October 6

County clerk plans to retire

Kern will improve voter access

County to pony up about $230,000 to improve disabled access at polls

County may settle SB lawsuit

Meet Nevada County's Elections Officials

October 5

Ballots headed to mailboxes

County readies for e-voting trial

October 4

Ballot-counting will be around-the-clock

County mails ballot booklets

October 3

County might upgrade elections; Supervisors worry change comes too close to 2008 vote

Registrar of voters seeks polling place workers

October 1

Politicians will vie with Santa for attention

County set to seek aid on election

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