May 2007

May 30
Official agrees to vote testing // ELECTIONS: The demonstration is in response to requests from several political groups.

Put e-voting under microscope

County lends a hand in KHS election process

May 29
Local governments outsource elections that puzzle voters

May 28
Protesters cry foul over election hires

May 23
Clerk's Column

Protesters cry foul over election hires

May 22
General plan voters head to mailbox

May 21
Solano may spend $570,000 for new voting equipment

Elections chief gets word out on voting

May 20
Much is at stake in voting systems review

Ignoring of court warrants sanction

Vote machines subpar, official warns
Ink scanners faulty -- ballot tally may have to be by hand

Election offers voting options // COUNCIL: Residents can mail them in or drop them off at one of several locations before June 5

2 Ballots, 1 Gorilla

May 15, 2007
Voting machines to face biggest test yet

County election official quits for San Diego duty

May 10, 2007
UC to test vote machines
Bowen directs scientists to try to hack in before state's Feb. 5 primary

Voter registration push at Cajon HS signs up 180

May 8, 2007
Absentee ballots in mail

May 4, 2007
Alameda County scolded for giving away e-voting records

May 3, 2007
Voting vendor renews pitch
With elections fraud, everyone pays

May 2, 2007
County seeks money help for additional election

May 1, 2007
S.J. registrar retiring; Hench’s tenure marked by long battle over voting machines
Ballot-system purchase might not fly
County eyes new absentee ballots

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