July 2007

July 31

Vote machine study criticized - Elections: State claim that results can be tampered with is unrealistic, system developers say

July 28

Experts find fault in voting machines

Review shows S.D. voting machines can be breached

July 25

San Francisco officials scurry to find solution to longtime voting machine problem

July 24

Unsigned ballots rejected Ross Valley flood fee

Fraud counts filed in Measure M Vote: Ballot disqualification doesn't alter bond's passage

July 23
Electronic voting systems undergoing tests

Election Committee questions Ross Valley flood tax

July 22
Bills target voter intimidation - Assembly measures mandate penalties in bid to halt harassment

July 20
Modesto applies to justice on voting - Supreme Court ruling on race-based policy cited in city's election presentation

July 18
Election panel advises a return to paper ballots

Voters may get say on e-voting // ELECTIONS: Supervisors work toward a plan to determine if paper ballot use should be revived.

July 14
Judge scolds official for blocking vote recount

Alameda county: Medical marijuana election may head to revote - Judge says county allowed ballot data to be destroyed

July 13
Paper ballots recommended for next vote

July 12
Voter Confidence Committee issues report on November election

July 11
Supervisors declare flood fee election official

July 9
Committee gets instant runoff bill

Montebello recall effort fails

Voting system deadline missed

July 8
Flood vote's troubling aftermath

July 5
Flier lists absentee- voting rules

July 4
Voting security tested

July 3
Experts put voting machines to test;
Ex-hackers and professors try to trip up technology

July 2
Marin taxpayer group questions flood vote result

July 1
Election-options task force to call it quits

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