September 2006

September 27, 2006
Voting system faces scrutiny
San Mateo County Plans Incremental Implementation for New eSlate Voting System
Boxer bill would help pay for use of paper ballots
SJ Votes To Beef Up Election Staffing
Forum looks at choice voting
Students lobby for bill aiding poll work
Meeting Aims to Restore Public Confidence in Election System

September 26, 2006
Secretary Of State Race Gives Gop Hope Of Retaining A Statewide Seat
Voter Fatigue: Californians Can't Afford To Sit This Election Out
County May Tap Staff For Election
More options for voting

September 25, 2006
Electronic Voting Scaled Back
Interest Rises in Race for Secretary of State

September 23, 2006
Following the paper trail

September 22, 2006
E-voting plan hits roadblock
Loma Linda slow-growth group scores victory with court ruling
Schwarzenegger rejects Wolk's vote center bill

September 20, 2006
Court says Spanish not necessary for petitions
Ruling on O.C. Petitions Reversed
Precinct officer takes election allegations to state

September 16, 2006
Court upholds touchscreeen voting system

September 14, 2006
DeGregorio is chairman of the federal Election Assistance Commission
Election laws push out voters, group contends
Here's the rundown on Elections Office

September 13, 2006
Money approved for Diebold consultation

September 8, 2006
Election office gets early look at likely vote system solution
Committee tests voting machine

September 7, 2006
Bowen's ballot battles; Secretary of State hopeful sets aim at election overhaul
REFERENDUM; Oakland throws out Oak-to-9th signatures

September 6, 2006
County gets reimbursed for election

September 5, 2006
HAVA forces vote system change

September 4, 2006
Assembly OKs bill to repay special election costs

September 3, 2006
Poll workers needed in Alameda County

September 2, 2006
Supes approve voting machines
Counties likely to get election reimbursement

September 1, 2006
Bill would reimburse county for last November's special election

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