Frequently Asked Questions Endnotes

1. In California, many County Clerks are "non-partisan offices" elected during the gubernatorial primary for terms of 4 years. The last election was March 2010 for the term lasting from January 2011-January 20015, and the next election is June 7, 2014 for the term of January 2015-January 2019. In some counties for which the Clerk/Registrar is elected, the elected individual has retired, resigned or the departments were re-organized, and therefore the current incumbent has been "appointed" and must stand for election in June 2014.

2. The counties which appoint a Registrar of Voters, from largest to smallest population (with population rank in state in parentheses) are the following: Los Angeles (1), San Diego (2), Orange (3), Riverside (4), San Bernardino (5), Santa Clara (6), Alameda (7), Sacramento (8), San Francisco (13), San Joaquin (15), Monterey (20), Solano (21), Marin (26), Imperial (31), Lake (40), Mono (54) (From 2010 US Census available here from the California Department of Finance State Data Center Census 2010 web page.)

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