About EARC

The Election Administration Research Center (EARC), located at UC Berkeley Law, seeks to improve the administration of elections through research, education, training, technical assistance, and public outreach. Established in January 2005 on the University of California Berkeley campus, the EARC studies elections at the national, regional and local levels, both within the US and internationally, and disseminates its findings to election officials, academic researchers, and the public. EARC develops materials and procedures to improve election administration and conducts training for election officials and election observers. Research and publication topics include:

EARC staff have conducted studies specifically on poll worker programs in California, online voter registration systems in Arizona and Washington, and military and overseas voting across the United States, all of which resulted in a broader and deeper knowledge of election systems as a whole. EARC staff work closely with state and local election officials through teaching in their certification programs, gathering relevant data about their experiences, attending their professional conferences, and disseminating reports with suggested practices. For more information see our Guide to EARC Research and Resources.